Prices For Shoots as of November 13, 2021

 $250 for 3  editorials, 1 outfit.  All raw photos are delivered to the model. 3 photos are chosen by the model to be edited and the photos are delivered within 1-7 days from the day the photos are chosen.  One outfit photoshoot lasts for 1 hour.

For bookings, non-refundable down payment of $100 is required. The down payment holds your time slot, and date.

$100  per extra outfit, 3 editorials per outfit. All raw photos are delivered. Photos to be edited are chosen by the model.

$50 for expedited edits.  Including same day edits directly after the shoot, only for in studio shoots. 

$25 to put photos onto a usb drive, the same day of the shoot. 

Late fee for models 30 minutes late $25,  $50  for an hour;  after an hour the shoot is cancelled and deposit forfeited. 

Family Photo Shoots $300 for one hour at desired location. 

For photos without watermarks the price is $500 per look. 3 edits, and all raw photos delivered. These photos can still be used/ posted by the model and photographer. 

For exclusivity, including photos that are not posted by the photographer, but delivered to the models the price is $700 per look. 3 edits all raw photos delivered. 

For events $200 the first hour, and $150 for any hour following. 

Weddings for 8 hours, $3500, 2 shooters, all raw photos delivered on usb, and customer can choose which photos to be edited. 


If interested in booking me please contact me @ Please email with your instagram, First and last name, and a contact photo. Thank you for your interest.