I plan on one day Shooting Beyoncé. In the mean time I plan on winning over the hearts of every one I take a photo of, and make them love Trev's Photography. I plan to have on average 1,000 active people who follow my work. In the future events where other photographers and models get to know each other will be held. I want to be a renown source for the highest level of quality photos, and everything that comes with those photos. Ultimately I want to do something that lives on its own, brings happiness, and attracts people to work with me; while constantly introducing bigger and more prosperous opportunities.

About Me

Trevor Plass Photography, is a family oriented service that originated in the church. Since then, I have worked and assisted in various photographic endeavors such as weddings, fashion shows, baby showers, parties, and maternity shoots. My aim is to be the best photographer I can be. My favorite style of shooting includes mixing an object with it's surrounding environment. I aim to create visually pleasing photographic moments, and memories each time.

Do add me on instagram @handsometrev @Trevsphotos And Facebook at Trevor Plass. Tumblr trevorplassphotography@tumblr.com